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Tell us about your sci-fi web series.My Future Girlfriend Production Team

My Future Girlfriend is a sci-fi romantic comedy. Our main character Clark has reached a point in his life where he just content to be. He isn't inspired, he doesn't feel the need to work hard at his job, or try hard to meet women. His best friends and roommates, Alan and Christina, try to encourage him to put himself out there, but his is just comfortable where he his. Everything changes for him the day he meets Lisa, she seems like the perfect girl for him. They are interested in all the same movies, comic books, and video games. The best part about it, he doesn't even have to try, she just throws herself at him. Then his whole world is turned upside down when Kelly shows up, claiming to be his girlfriend from the future. She tells him they have to get together in the present to save the fate of the world. Now the fate of the world is in his hands, and even harder, he has to choose between the two hottest women he's ever met.

Where did the idea/concept for your web series come from?

Steven Tsapelas, the writer who conceived the idea, wanted to do a webseries that would combine many of his favorite elements, a guy who can't get a girlfriend, time travel, and beautiful girls. He also has a love of romantic comedies, as well as, sci-fi, so he started developing an idea that could work for both genres. We became very excited about combining genres. We love the idea that show starts out like a typical romantic comedy, and then sci-fi elements are brought in that really add a level of excitement to the world. We also wanted to experiment with the webseries format. We produced this My Future Girlfriend Behind The Sceneslike a feature film told in five parts. Each episode has a beginning, middle and end, but when watched as a whole the story plays like a feature film.

Name some of your sci-fi influences. Any favorite movies, TV shows, novels?

The big influences on this show were The Terminator and Back to the Future. All the Terminator movies were an influence, but specifically the first one, because it was low budget, and they had to do the best with what they had. This was an incredibly low budget production, so we squeezed the most out of everything we had. We throw a lot of references to scifi shows and movies into the show, specifically ones that involve time travel. We reference, everything from Star Trek, to Quantum Leap and Lost.

Tell us about the technical production of your show. What camera & equipment did you use? Editing software & hardware? For visual effects, etc?

We shot on a Panasonic DVX100A. Our cinematographer Jeff Billings also did the color correction and visual effects. Angel Acevedo edited the film on Avid, Chris Hall and Evan Menak did the sound mixing with Protools. They all made the show look and sound brilliant.

Can you tell us any interesting facts or trivia about your show? Any funny stories?

The producers of this show are all New York guys that happened to be in Los Angeles, and this was their first LA production. The best part about LA is that the weather is great and you can shoot year round. However, that was not the case for us. We shot this series on non-consecutive weekends, spread out over a couple months. Every single weekend that we shot, it rained. We couldn't believe it. Luckily we were able to work around it, shooting exteriors when there was a break from the rain.

My Future Girlfriend can be found online, on Facebook.

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More behind the scenes from My Future Girlfriend below:

Brigitte Hagerman as Lisa

Brigitte Hagerman as Lisa

Cheryl Texiera as Kelly

Cheryl Texiera as Kelly

Evan Gaustad as Clark and Cheryl Texiera as Kelly

Evan Gaustad as Clark and Cheryl Texiera as Kelly

Kirstin Scoles as Christina Patrick Cohen as Alan and Evan Gaustad as Clark

Kirstin Scoles as Christina, Patrick Cohen as Alan, and Evan Gaustad as Clark