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Tell us about your sci-fi web series.

The Adventures of Humphrey and Spud is the disjointed saga of a rock and a potato. It is also an excuse to have way too much fun with my friends, while secretly hoping our crazy ideas will make us rich beyond our wildest dreams... or at least rich enough to buy go-karts. The Adventures of Humphrey and Spud is comprised of 2 to 3 minute shorts, released on a monthly basis.

Where did the idea/concept for your series come from?

While my company, Protonic Reversal, was developing ideas for another show of ours called Zurvival, we realized that production of that show was a ways off. At the time, I wanted to start thinking about other potential shows that would be easier to produce while we further developed Zurvival.Humphrey and Spud Sketch

The Adventures of Humphrey and Spud blossomed out of a single drawing that my girlfriend did on her work notepad of a rock and a potato that she named Humphrey and Spud. Over the next few days the idea of these two characters, and all the ridiculous things we could do with them stuck in my head. Soon after I redesigned those characters in Photoshop and later rigged them in After Effects to see how the characters would animate. The test was well received, and I started writing several scripts. The rest is history.

Name some of your sci-fi influences. Any favorite movies, TV shows, novels?

Film: I am a big fan of any zombie flicks, no matter how awful they may be. Zombieland is most certainly one of my favorite films in most recent memory. Others include: Ghostbusters, Evil Dead Trilogy, 28 Days/Weeks Later, Dawn of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead, Star Wars, A Scanner Darkly, The Shining, and so many more.

Television: X-Files, Futurama, Metalocalypse, American Dad (mainly because of Roger the Alien), and South Park.

Books: A lot of Stephen King, most notably of The Shining. John Ajvide Lindqvist's Let the Right One In. Brian Keene's The Rising, City of the Dead, and Dead Sea. I'm also a big fan of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead series.

Tell us about the technical production of your show. What camera & equipment did you use? Editing software & hardware? For visual effects, etc?

We record audio in a blanket lined closet using a Blue USB microphone. Audio gets edited in Premiere to storyboards. Any new assets or characters that are needed get developed in Photoshop, and the show is animated in After Effects.

Can you tell us any interesting facts or trivia about your show? Any funny stories?

As mentioned, the design of Humphrey and Spud is based on a drawing my girlfriend created.

The Crew of the Adventures Humphrey and Spud Sketch at workThe Party Eel that swims through the credits was a character I had designed and animated in a stop motion piece I made in college. Coincidentally, he swims through the credits in that short too. I knew even then he was destined for greatness. He makes his first real appearance in the show during episode 4, that is in production and coming out soon.

The four people on Humphrey's concept for the second Mt. Rushmore are: Bruce Campbell, Leslie Nielsen, Batman, and Bill Murray.

So far all of the backgrounds come from my own apartment.

3/4 of the founding members lend their voices to characters on the show. I voice Humphrey, Brian is the voice of Spud, and Alex is the voice of the Party Eel. Tim is the only one left out... one day he'll have a voice.

Protonic Reversal's logo features my dog Cody who passed away this last December. He was a little champion, and I'm sure that even though he didn't understand why I put those headphones on him for the picture, he would be proud to be a part of Protonic.

The Adventures of Humphrey and Spud can be found online, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

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More from The Adventures of Humphrey and Spud below:

The Crew of the Adventures Humphrey and Spud Sketch

The founding members of Protonic Reversal, and the crew for The Adventures of Humphrey and Spud
From l to r: Tim Kafantaris, Carl Vogler, Alex Johns, and Brian Goldstein.

Party Eel

The origin of the Party Eel.  Still taken from "Obey Your Parents,"
a claymation short I did with a buddy of mine, Jon Bowling in college.

Still from Episode 1

Still from Episode 1

Still from Episode 2

Still from Episode 2

Still from Episode 3

Still from Episode 3