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Miles, Tony, and HannahTell us about your sci-fi web series.

It's a blog show called Zomblogalypse, which we're amazed people keep finding on Google. And it's about three friends who survive a zombie apocalypse in their small English town and set about trying to co-habit with the undead. Think Dawn of the Dead meets The Office.

Where did the idea/concept for your web series come from?

It came from the three of us - Tony Hipwell, Hannah Bungard, and I - hanging out and getting drunk and talking crap and realising that if there was a real zombie apocalypse then this is pretty much how we'd react. Although we play rather careless, selfish versions of ourselves. We'd be more upset if some of the stuff in the series happened to each other.

Name some of your sci-fi influences. Any favorite movies, TV shows, novels?

Miles, Charlotte, Hannah, Tony, and DeloreanTony's favourite movie is Aliens, so some of it came from that - particularly in our Season 3 - but also REC, Dawn of the Dead (the 1978 one), Cloverfield, anime shows like Cowboy Bebop, and pop and comic culture stuff such as Tank Girl.

Tell us about the technical production of your show. What camera and equipment did you use? Editing software and hardware? For visual effects, etc?

We set out to make this a first person camera show, so we started out literally using the inbuilt camera on a Macbook Pro for the scenes where we're hanging around the flat, then when we leave the house it's a handheld Sony HD camcorder. Which we threw about rather a lot. We edit on that same Macbook using Final Cut Pro.

Can you tell us any interesting facts or trivia about your show? Any funny stories?

Hannah's eyes are made from stuffed olives. No, not really, not that I know of. We sort of didn't get permission to film in the supermarket for episode one so we had to evade the staff while filming those scenes, then run off. Tony's gun went off accidentally in Episode 2, but only with blanks in it. And in Season 3 the police turned up to a farm where we were filming because locals had complained about screaming, gunshots, and body parts. The police were very nice about it though!

Zomblogalypse recently had its Season 3 finale and can be found online, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

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Zomblogalypse DVD available here.

More behind the scenes from Zomblogalypse below:

Hannah, Tony, Charlotte, and Miles

Hannah, Tony, Charlotte, and Miles on location.

Zomblogalypse cast and crew

Zomblogalypse cast and crew on location.